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Unlock Rewards: Share the Tax State of Mind and Earn up to $150 per Referral!



Welcome to the Tax State of Mind Referral Program! We’re excited to invite you to join our referral program at absolutely no cost to you. It’s an opportunity for you to earn up to $150 for every successful referral who signs up with us using your unique referral code or link.

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  1. Sign Up: Register for our referral program and receive your unique referral code or link.

  2. Share: Spread the word about Tax State Of Mind to friends, family, and colleagues.

  3. Earn: When someone signs up with us using your referral code or link and becomes a client, you'll earn up to $150 as a thank-you reward when that client funds.

  1. Earn Rewards: For each successful referral, you’ll receive a reward of up to $150.

  2. Easy & Free: Joining the program is simple, and there are no costs involved.

  3. Help Others: Share the benefits of Tax State of Mind with those in your network.

  1. Direct Deposit: You will get paid via Direct Deposit (ACH) or via Zelle.

  2. Monthly Payouts: You will be paid on the 15th of the month following your client funding.

Ready to start earning? Sign up now and begin sharing your referral code or link. Let your network know about Tax State of Mind and start earning rewards for every new client you bring on board.

Apply For Our Referral Program


  1. Eligibility: The Referral Program is open to all existing clients of Tax State of Mind who are in good standing with the company.

  2. Referral Reward: Referrers will receive a reward of up to $150 for each successful referral. The reward amount may vary based on the referred service package or as determined by Tax State of Mind.

  3. Referral Process: Referrers must share their unique referral code or link provided by Tax State of Mind. The referred individual must use this code or link when signing up for services with Tax State of Mind.

  4. Qualifying Referral: A referral qualifies for a reward when the referred individual becomes a paying client of Tax State of Mind and the client pays upfront for services, or when the clients tax return is funded and all fees are collected.

  5. Reward Distribution: Rewards will be distributed on the 15th of the month following the client funding. Rewards will be provided in the form of direct deposit (ACH), or Zelle.

  6. Limits: There is no limit to the number of referrals a participant can make, but rewards are subject to the discretion of Tax State of Mind and may be capped at a certain amount.

  7. Termination or Modification: Tax State of Mind reserves the right to modify, suspend, or terminate the Referral Program at any time without prior notice. Any changes will be effective immediately upon posting on the company’s website.

  8. Fraudulent Activity: Any fraudulent activity or attempts to manipulate the referral system will result in disqualification from the program and may lead to legal action.

  9. Agreement: By participating in the Referral Program, participants agree to these terms and conditions.


Please note that these terms and conditions are subject to change and can be updated by Tax State of Mind without prior notice.

Terms & Conditions
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